WE the VOTING POPULATION of The United States of America, in order to form a more ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT,
hereby require that all Elected Representatives prior to any election for public office sign an EMPLOYEE CONTRACT AGREEMENT.
"We the People" by using the Constitution, Contract Law, the Internet and Paypal to hereby place total democratic control
over all of our elected officials by utilizing the Contract Control Political Operating System.

The Contract Control Political Operating System is not part of the government, nor is it a political party, but it is formed
by the citizens outside of government to control Government, for government will never place controls on itself.
This SYSTEM provides the means for the Citizens of the United States of America to have democratic voting control over their
local, state, and federal representative for the expressed purpose
of having their decisions honored in all matters concerning government business.

Thereby, effectively isolating the Duly Elected Representative from outside influence and unauthorized decisions.

The SYSTEM uses property designations such as a Street within a Subdivision, County and State to formulate the basis by which a group
of citizens can create a legal entity as a Contract Consortium Voting Organization.
Each individual Consortium Organization prior to a formal election, signs a contract with the
potential candidate or candidates that want their support and votes. Once an office, the
Duly Elected Official as an Employee of the People, will without fault, cast
his/her official vote on any and all matters pertaining to the legal body in question by the
outcome of a Vote of the People by way of the Contract Consortium Electronic Voting System
as per the terms of the Contract Agreement.

The Contract Consortium Electronic Voting System accepts all registered voters and
non-registered adult citizens without reference to age, race, religion, economic and or physical status.
The systems function is to provide a secure timely voting mechanism for any and all issues that each Sector
of a Consortium District
deems relevant to its members physical, economic, and security interests. The SYSTEM will allow
each member the right to cast one(1) electronic, for or against vote, per issue, by way of a Paypal account.
Provided His/Her citizenship and adult status has been physically verified and that He or She has been properly
examined for deception and or fraud by Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) to ward against outside monetary control and or coersion.

The objective of this new Political Operating System is to provide true democratic control over
the governing of this Great Nation, while providing detection of, and protection from, all forms
of domestic enemies.